The Truth at the End of the State Lies

With the author’s permission, an analysis of this judicial information that drags on in time…

“JPK”, case or legal scandal ?

Judicial investigations have been poorly handled since the inception of the case (almost 24 years ago), which has the effect of preventing the manifestation of the truth.

Indeed, today, it is essential to start by explaining why the magistrates in charge of the case haven’t stopped accumulating investigative « errors ».

In all truth, it is hard to determine if JPK was abducted in the evening/night of December 15 to 16, 1997.

On this date, JPK had already left his wife and children behind to go and start a new life elsewhere. His macabre staging before his departure tends to demonstrate it.

In addition, the lies of those who showed up at his home, following the phone calls of his panicked wife upon finding a human skull on their bed, are consistent in their inconsistency with the thesis of family abandonment.

If then, as Vetea Guilloux claims it (in October 2004, i.e. 7 years after JPK left his family), JPK was indeed abducted by members of the “GIP” (former militia led by a member of France’s foreign intelligence agency and in the exclusive service of the president of French Polynesia at the time), it must have happened in a place other than the family home. And so, it becomes a completely different matter, having nothing to do with the case of family abandonment.

The family abandonment provided the mercenaries in power with the opportunity to make him disappear forever. Incriminating wiretaps demonstrate this.

But, as luck would have it, these wiretaps were ruled inadmissible by the French Court of Cassation because the investigating judge didn’t properly grant a wiretap authorization.

Strange, you say ? Very strange indeed.

And so, to this day, the magistrates in charge of the case systematically reject the testimonies which prove that Vetea Guilloux was telling the truth about JPK being abducted outside his home.

In any case, with all due respect to the legal authorities, JPK was not abducted from his home on the evening or the night of December 15 to 16, 1997. This should be enough to annihilate the so-called clues that are allowing the indictment of those who were present at JPK’s home that night after his panicked wife asked them to join her and her children.

On the other hand, if JPK was abducted after December 15, 1997, we are looking at a whole different matter, a criminal one, that has no relation with a family abandonment committed during the night between the 15th and the 16th of December, 1997.

So, factually, why are the investigating magistrates still refusing to dissociate JPK’s family abandonment from his abduction ?

To me, this is a key element in explaining why this case has been a legal scandal for almost 24 years. The recent indictments (22 years after the family abandonment!) are based on the claim that it was a crime of passion.

Is the judicial system of French Polynesia covering a criminal scandal for “reason of state”?

Moreover, the worst thing about this so-called criminal case is that the media have focused on interviewing people who won’t help the truth emerge.


Founder and former president of the Polynesian Human Rights League, a league affiliated with the French League and the International Federation for Human Rights.

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* former journalist who disappeared in French Polynesia